Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transparent Butterfly card...

Materials needed : -
OHP sheet
Handmade paper
White Card Stock

Step one - Stick the ohp sheet with the handmade paper after scoring some part of it...Stick it so that it can still be opened up like a card.
Step 2 - Cut out 2 butterflies and decorate them..Then stick them to your OHP sheet.
Step 3 - Take a Ribbon,stick on the handmade paper and add a flower on the side.
Step 4 - Write whatever you want as a sentiment,Just like i have written "Have a Nice Day" and give it to the person who you made it for <3333

If you make anything like that using my instructions,then please send me a link of your photo through comments or mail and i'll post them her <3!

Till then,Have a great time!


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