Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy diwali :)

Hey guys!Im back now..Its been quite a while since i posted!There's so much going on..Too bad i haven't been able to take out much time for craft these days...But hopefully soon i will..I haven't posted a lot of stuff i i gotta clear up all that ASAP!
My current life includes :
Savni - Sameer and Avni..
Karan tacker <33 (Sameer)
Love ne mila di jodi - A programme which airs on star one monday to friday at 9.30 pm.Sameer and Avni/Karan and perneet is my favorite jodi :D
India Forums..
Animation shop
Diwali..and stuff related..LOL..
So actually there is a lot going on..So as soon as i am free i'll surely make something...

Aww guys..Happy diwali...Best wishes to all of you and your families!Hope everyone had a blast!Please take care with the firecrackers and think of the penguins living in antartica..Don't make too much pollution <3!
What i did...3 Pujas..yeah...3 houses..LOL...and finally firecrackers..Hmm not really..Im too scared of i'll be bursting a few today.Friends' made - Shivy..And will make some more..after i meet her today!
Outfit : Long blue and black shiny top with 3 quater white pants!
Make up : Eye liner,shadow,mascara.Blush..Lip gloss..and my favorite 20$ ear-rings!

So i've had a fabulous diwali this year!!And yea..not to rangoli ofcourse..will be posting pics soon!!As soon as i come to back to earth :P
Take care!!


PS -will make posts about my embossing machines too....Im just a little busy these days <3

Luv ya!Mwah!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hey guys (I still dont know how many ppl are reading) but im sooo sorry for not posting anything...its just that..Ive been so busy....With the new house..i FINALLY got my pc repaired in Rs.1000!And I even got Photoshop cs4..Yayy..Affter 2 years..Fnally....
So if i make anything i'll surely post it..Yes i will....
So i got my pc to the new house today...the working pc which i got repaired,and found out that there was an electricty problem in my room thats why my laptop and pc BOTH when connected to line used to have current if you touch it :S so we got it repaired..and the guy said that if i would have started using my pc already then it would have burnt!OMG!

the weather is really nice here..I almost got wet in the rain today when i went for a was amazing :) I'm still searching for cool stuff to post in this blog..but its just that,i' haven't been getting enough time!
Amby- In a gr8 mood :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under construction..

Hey guys..I just wanted to write a short note that this blog is under construction..I have yet to add stuff to the sidebar and all..So please dont mind seeing changes everyday.. But don't worry i am still going to be posting!But now some more stuff like,book reviews,tutorials,dessert tutorials(oh yes i can cook!) and about some stuff i recently my embossing machine :D

Thanks so much

The Amazing days of Abby Hayes : Have weels,Will Travel.

Title : The Amazing days of Abby Hayes : Have Wheels,Will Travel.
Book : #04
Author : Anne Mazer
Family members : Paul Hayes (father) Olivia Hayes (Mother),Eva and Isabel - Twin sisters,Abby,and little brother Alex.
Abby is a normal 5th grader with a very embarrassing family but a great school and bunch of friends....
Abby is sick of using her sisters battered old rollerblades. She is determined to buy herself a brand new pair with purple wheels. But no matter how much money she earns doing odd jobs, she always seems to spend her profits on other things. Will Abby ever stick to a plan to save her money?

Great book,I thoroughly enjoyed reading it....I love how abby's friends and the situation is described.This book can really refer to the mind of a normal 5th grader....I love it how Abby's so desperate and tries a lot of jobs to earn money but earns big with a garage sale....A very happy ending :D
I would give this book some 6 to 7 out of 10 stars :D

Jinx - Meg Cabot

Title : Jinx
Author : Meg Cabot...
I read this book quite a while ago,i really got obsessed with this book..its quite fat so i read it in like 4 to 5 installments..whenever i'd start reading..I wouldnt want to leave it.Until my eyes start hurting for rest :P.
A really great book.I loved the characters - Jean HoneyChurch and Zack.
Its about Jean coming to New york to live with her rich relatives where she finds out that her cousin Torrance is a witch,or atleast pretends to be.Tory (Torrance) says that their great great great grandma had said that either her or Jean would have the gift of being a witch.
Tory has a crush on Zack,But Zack likes Jean.So this gets Tory really mad...Something really unexpected they reveal later is that Jean came to New York because she was being stalked.Tory has a plan to make Jean's life really worse..And she succeeds,until one night when we get to know that Jean is the witch and not Tory..and for this Tory tries to Kill jean..
I've leaked a lot of the suspense of this book but still there's a lot left..Its a great book,full of adventure..and i extremely enjoyed reading it.Especially the way Jean's room and the ball was described.
I would give this book 9 out of 10 stars!
I'm really sad that there are no more books in this series..I wish Meg Cabot made another book with this series..Cus its really enjoyble!

The Mediator : Love you to death - Meg Cabot.

Title: The Mediator: Love You to Death - Meg Cabot
Books in Series: High Stakes, Mean Spirits, Young Blood, Grave Doubts, Heaven Sent
Publisher: Macmillan
I can see ghosts. I can talk to ghosts, and if necessary, I can kick some serious ghost butt.Suze is a mediator. Which means she spends most of her time directing the unhappy dead into the afterlife. And it isn’t easy - not all ghouls want to be guided.
Newly arrived in California, Suze has hardly unpacked when her mediator skills are put to the test. A vicious spirit is hell-bent on making her life a complete nightmare. At least she’s sharing her bedroom with Jesse - the most gorgeous ghost ever. But dare she make a move on the sexiest spook in town?
You have seriously got to love this book!I just started reading it day before yesterday..Even though i really really dont like to read books,Im forced to.So i went to our club library in which i was forced to sit for minimum 2 hrs..and i came across this book..I read some of it...(Im a slow reader and plus i found a friend so)but i completely finished it today..Even though i couldnt understand the end very properly...
I've got to say that this was a great book,i cant wait to read the others in this series...I hope they r in the club library :)!
I loved the characters - Suze,Doc,Jesse and Heather..Heather was quite a powerful ghost..Yet i felt really sorry when Heather was crying to Suze about how bad it is to be dead and that she really shouldn't have done it.I love the way Suze's room is described...And especially Jesse..He's the hottest ghost ever!And the sweetest!
I would really advice all you guys out there to read this book,its simply great!
My rating - 8 1/2 out of 10 stars!!

Home Sweet Home!!

So I've recently shifted to a new house and i made this home sweet home tag and stuck it in my new room of my old house..i was so attatched to the new room and the house cus i've grown up there :) well i hope i can visit it often..
Sorry for not posting this for like 3 weeks now :P
Ps- From now i'll be having a books corner in which i will write a review of the books i am reading recently :) more posts hopefully coming today!
And something special for my friend..Spardha!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thankyou sooo much Spardha for fixing my sidebar problems every other day :) I have something special coming up for ya :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ur treasured - Card....For someone special..

Inspiration - Kwernerdesign blog
I used embossed tissue paper napkins!Too bad i dont have any other design.Hope you like it..tHIS IS for...Papa <3333>


Hey everyone!!Yayyy my blog is back!!!!A massive thanks to SPARDHA from's great.without her i wouldnt be blogging today!!!
I shifted to a new house,so i really didnt have much of internet,and no network on phone cus this is the 12th floor,so i really couldnt fix the blog myself...but she did it for me..omg :D Thankyou soooo much Spardha!You rock!
I've got a lot to post!!!I made so many things,cus it was my parents anniversary,but i gave them the cards before i could take a pic..cus my camera was not working..
but thats fine,ive made a lot of other stuff too!

and i'll also be posting my new room's and old room's pics!!

Im so excited!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


There is a big problem with this blog..the sidebar doesnt work properly......I'll have to fix it , please cope with me :(

Thankyou Mom.....Card...

As soon as i recieved the itsy bitsy order i got sooo curious that i just went into to my room with all the stuff and made this really nice card for my mom which says "Thankyou Mom,You're the best!".
My dad was too busy to order all that stuff so she did it and she even called up the itsy bitsy people for details!So im' really thankful to her!And plus,after she saw this card i thought,maybe,she's happy and she will order more for me :D YAYY!!hAHAHAHA!!

Inspiration ; Spardha -

Finally - Itsy bitsy!!Yay!

Finalllllly i recieved my order!i had to wait 2 weeks!!1

Here is a list of things i Ordered :

1.Pearl drops white 92pcs IB Rs.54.00

2.3D Shimmer Foam Butterflies 34p IB D5 Rs.99.00

3.Value Pack pink 150gms IB Rs.95.00

4.Value Pack purple 150gms IB Rs.95.00

5.Embellishment pack girly shapes 28, 32 4 comp box IB Rs.38.00


You can also order these at !

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh guys!Im so sorry for not updating much.
I'll start updating again really soon,and we'll probably have a new layout too.
And now this blog will have more of craft and less of my personal stuff...So please let ur friends know about it!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to make Paper Flowers

First off I'm really sorry for not updating anything in the past 3 days,on thursday a bulb bursted in my room but i still made this video.....and fri-sat-sun i was busy with my brothers birthday...I'll be updating more tomorrow.......

Anyway,Hope you like the video!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey everyone,I'm just amazed by the calender Mel made,and im really looking forward to make a calender like that,but i still have to buy all the materials....this might take me,say 2 to 3 weeks...cus im rllllly lazy :P...
Rly looking forward to make something like that,if anyone can help me then please comment :D

Finally,My first Video!

Tutorial on making an envelope....
New youtube account - Ambyrox11...Please add as friend and Subscribe
I apologize for the camera shaking so much,I hope it'll be better next time!
Thanks for watching

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transparent Butterfly card...

Materials needed : -
OHP sheet
Handmade paper
White Card Stock

Step one - Stick the ohp sheet with the handmade paper after scoring some part of it...Stick it so that it can still be opened up like a card.
Step 2 - Cut out 2 butterflies and decorate them..Then stick them to your OHP sheet.
Step 3 - Take a Ribbon,stick on the handmade paper and add a flower on the side.
Step 4 - Write whatever you want as a sentiment,Just like i have written "Have a Nice Day" and give it to the person who you made it for <3333

If you make anything like that using my instructions,then please send me a link of your photo through comments or mail and i'll post them her <3!

Till then,Have a great time!

101 ways to make you happy <3333

Hey everyone,From now I'll be posting quotes from the 101 ways to make you happy cards i have!I'll be updating with one everyday....Hope ya'll will like it <33333

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A very simple card......

I made a very simple card out of Orange handmade paper and some white chart paper...Hope you guys like it :)!!
It took me half n hour,hope it will take less next time...
I've yet to add a sentiment to it,but i've still not decided who to give it to :P!!

Click on the thumbnail to view full size.......

New posts...

Sorry for not updating for so long....I have made 2 new cards,completed with 1 envelope video,and bought new craft stuff...So i'll be posting all of that pretty soon...Atleast the cards - today...Video ummmm Should i upload it to youtube or to blogger?Im not in mood to go back to youtube as its REALLY not a good site....I hope you guys will like the cards i made :)

have a nice day.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Best of Luck,Sis Card.

Okay so I made a "Best of Luck" card for my cousin,who recently went to hostel....I took the help of MojoMonday Week 82's Sketch,and made a card...I hope thats allowed!
So here it is...Hope ya'll will like it...

Haathi Ghora Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Hiiii.........So its Janmashtami today,a big festival in India...Im soooo happy..............

Im sooo sorrrry for not posting the video,but it should be up soon,i just got busy in making a card for my sis....Im posting the pics in the next post.. :)

Till then....Enjoy Janmashtami... :) Yayy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming soon....

Heyyyy...Im finally done with my first craft tutorial gonna finish editing it today and will upload it MAXIMUM by tomorrow...yayyy....Im going to make another video today and take pictures of my new's a pic of the envelopes who's tutorial im going to post....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A beautiful bird..............

A glance at the beautiful parrot who sang Happy Birthday to me,on my birthday -- 11th april 2009..At Singapores Jurong Bird Park <333333333333333333

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pictures taken by me at Singapore......

A few pictures taken by me,when i was on vacation at Singapore...
View Courstey - Swissotel the Stamford.

Click on them to view full screen....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Heyyy,Ambika here...So Welcome to my new blog!!I'll be posting pictures - shot by me,my stupid thoughts :P and my artworks here!!
This is my personal blog,where i can express myself..........
Anyone and everyone are allowed to read this!
If anyone wants to be my friend then you can mail me at
I'll be posting my artworks,and tutorials to make them...In the "Art n Craft" section...
If you make anything like mine and want me to display it here,then you can mail me with the details and a photo of your artwork :).
About me <3
--Im 12 years old [girl].
My hobbies are to play,surf,music,dressing up,and getting bored :P!
I love to make stuff and be creative,love photography and music.....
I love animals,atleast some...Like dogs,cats (sometimes),horses etc etc....I really wish to have a dog....but its a lot of work,(i've tried once).
My biggest fear is drowning,and im extremely scared of lizards and sharks!
I'm a Hindu by religion....And i DO believe in God unlike 90% people of the 21st century!
My favorite colors are Pink,Purple,Orange,Red,Blue [long list].................
I never wear Yellow and green,unless im realllllly forced to..
I have an elder brother who's 21...irritating and annoying but sweet sometimes :)
I love my par
I day dream a lot,enjoy camping and love to be humorous...
I can't lie,cus i dont know how cheeks turn red when i do so,and my nose turns red when i cry hahahhaaa.....and i love to laugh....anndddd...umm i think i should end now,even though there's lots more to write...but you'll know eventually.....