Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally - Itsy bitsy!!Yay!

Finalllllly i recieved my order!i had to wait 2 weeks!!1

Here is a list of things i Ordered :

1.Pearl drops white 92pcs IB Rs.54.00

2.3D Shimmer Foam Butterflies 34p IB D5 Rs.99.00

3.Value Pack pink 150gms IB Rs.95.00

4.Value Pack purple 150gms IB Rs.95.00

5.Embellishment pack girly shapes 28, 32 4 comp box IB Rs.38.00


You can also order these at !


Spardha said...

I duno why bt i am kinda jealous of u rite nw.. even tho i got that stuff too! :D

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