Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey everyone!!Yayyy my blog is back!!!!A massive thanks to SPARDHA from papercraft-addict.blogspot.com...she's great.without her i wouldnt be blogging today!!!
I shifted to a new house,so i really didnt have much of internet,and no network on phone cus this is the 12th floor,so i really couldnt fix the blog myself...but she did it for me..omg :D Thankyou soooo much Spardha!You rock!
I've got a lot to post!!!I made so many things,cus it was my parents anniversary,but i gave them the cards before i could take a pic..cus my camera was not working..
but thats fine,ive made a lot of other stuff too!

and i'll also be posting my new room's and old room's pics!!

Im so excited!


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