Friday, October 2, 2009


Hey guys (I still dont know how many ppl are reading) but im sooo sorry for not posting anything...its just that..Ive been so busy....With the new house..i FINALLY got my pc repaired in Rs.1000!And I even got Photoshop cs4..Yayy..Affter 2 years..Fnally....
So if i make anything i'll surely post it..Yes i will....
So i got my pc to the new house today...the working pc which i got repaired,and found out that there was an electricty problem in my room thats why my laptop and pc BOTH when connected to line used to have current if you touch it :S so we got it repaired..and the guy said that if i would have started using my pc already then it would have burnt!OMG!

the weather is really nice here..I almost got wet in the rain today when i went for a was amazing :) I'm still searching for cool stuff to post in this blog..but its just that,i' haven't been getting enough time!
Amby- In a gr8 mood :D


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