Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Amazing days of Abby Hayes : Have weels,Will Travel.

Title : The Amazing days of Abby Hayes : Have Wheels,Will Travel.
Book : #04
Author : Anne Mazer
Family members : Paul Hayes (father) Olivia Hayes (Mother),Eva and Isabel - Twin sisters,Abby,and little brother Alex.
Abby is a normal 5th grader with a very embarrassing family but a great school and bunch of friends....
Abby is sick of using her sisters battered old rollerblades. She is determined to buy herself a brand new pair with purple wheels. But no matter how much money she earns doing odd jobs, she always seems to spend her profits on other things. Will Abby ever stick to a plan to save her money?

Great book,I thoroughly enjoyed reading it....I love how abby's friends and the situation is described.This book can really refer to the mind of a normal 5th grader....I love it how Abby's so desperate and tries a lot of jobs to earn money but earns big with a garage sale....A very happy ending :D
I would give this book some 6 to 7 out of 10 stars :D


Spardha said...

lolz.. i remember readin those like crazzy!.. u no once i went shoppin for dese buks EXCEPTIONALLY! :)

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